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What’s New November 2017

White Slave Children of Charles County, Maryland: The Search for Survivors.Thanks for stopping by this weeks SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday Blog. We have some new items to the collection that will help in your family research. Check them out below.


General Research How:

Martin, Charles Trice, B.A., F.S.A., comp. (2015). The Record Interpreter: A Collection of Abbreviations, Latin Words and Names Used In English Historical Manuscripts and Records. Steven and Sons Limited: London.


Evjen, John O. (1972). Scandinavian Immigrants in New York 1630-1674. Genealogical Publshing Co., Inc: Baltimore.

United States:


Phillips, Richard Hays, Ph.D. (2015). White Slave Children of Colonial Maryland and Virginia: Birth and Shipping Records. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc: Baltimore.

Wieschaus-Voss, Kathleen. (2014). The Legacy of Ferdinand A. Brader. Center for the Study of Art in Rural America: Canton.


Kruski, Jason. (2012). A Guide to Chicago and Midwestern Polish-American Genealogy. Clearfield: Baltimore.


Phillips, Richard Hayes, Ph.d. (2015). White Slave Children of Charles County, Maryland: The Search for Survivors. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc: Baltimore.


Leduc, Blake (Sr.) comp. (1996). Euclid Beach Park Yearbook. Duke Graphics: Eastlake.

Plain Township Historical Society, comps. (2017). Listening to the Past Vol. 1 from Farmland to Suburb. Plain Township Historical Society: Canton.

West Virginia

Blair, Todd and Karen Garvey, comps and eds. (2012). Hometown Memories…When We Got Electric…Tales from the Good Old Days in Northwest West Virginia a Treasury of 20th Century Memories. Hometown Memories Inc.: Claremont.



United Kindgom

Crispin M. Jackson and Leonce Macary. (1985). Falaise Roll Recording Prominent Companions of William Duke of Normandy at the Conquest of England. Genealogical Publish Co., Inc: Baltimore.

Family History:

Guiley/Snyder/Miller Families.




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What’s New December 2016 Edition

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this weeks SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays Blog. Today we are focusing on new books to the collection.


United Kingdom

Innes, Sir Thomas. (2000). Scots Heraldry: A Practical Handbook on the Historical Principles and Modern Application of the Art and Science. Clearfield: Baltimore.


Marshall, George W. (1998). The Genealogist Guide. Clearfield: Baltimore.

United States



Davis, F.A. (2001). Illustrated Historical Atlas Berks County, Penna 1876. MastofPress.


Fothergill, Gerald. trans. (1992). Emigrants from England 1773-1776. Clearifield: Balitmore.


American Revolution

Crytzer, Brady J. (2015). Hessians: Mercenaries, Rebels, and the War For British North America. Westholme LLC:Yardly.

 War of 1812

Lyman, Myron E. Sr., Comp. Ed & Craig M. Kilby, Assist. Ed. (2012). Burials of War of 1812 Veterans in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Heritage Books: Westminister.


Lake County Historical Society Publication Committee. (2014). Here is Ohio’s Lake County: A Historical Journey….Then and Now.  Sheridan Books, INC: Chelsea.


Lee, Ida J. (1995). Abstracts Lancaster County, Virginia, Wills 1653-1800. Clearfield: Baltimore.

Wingfield, Marshall. Marriage Bonds of Franklin County, Virginia 1786-1858. Clearfield: Baltimore.

Washington D. C.

Combs-Bennett, Shannon. (2014). A Genealogist’s Guide to the Washington, D. C. Area. The In-Depth Genealogists: Utica.

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What’s New March 2016 Edition

Thank You for stopping by SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. Here’s what new to the Genealogy collection at the library.


Faust, Albert Bernhardt, comp. (2014). The German Element in the United States: With Special reference to it’s Political, Moral, Social, and Education Influence. Baltimore: Clearfield.


Harrison, Henry. Surnames of the United Kingdom: A Concise Etymological Dicitionary. Baltimore: Clearfield.


United Kingdom

Milner, Paul. (2014) Discover English Parish Registers St. Agnes: Unlock the Past.


Thode, Ernest. comp. (2014). Historic German Newspapers Online. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company.


Evans, Charles (1998) oaths of Allegiance In Colonila New England. Baltimore: Clearfield.

Schafer, Louis S. (1991). Tombstones of Your Ancestors. Westminster: Heritage Books, INC.


Ports, Michael A. (2014). Baltimore County, Maryland Marriage Licenses: May 1, 1823 to April 28, 1832. Baltimore: Clearfield.

Scott, Charles. comp. (2010). Index to Carroll County records from the Register of Wills 1837-1898 Vol.I: Administrations. Westminster:Carroll County Genealogical Society Inc.

Scott, Charles. comp. (2010). Index to Carroll County Records From The register of Wills 1837-1898 Vol. II: Inventories and Sales of Real and Personal Property: Westminster: Carroll County Genealogical Society Inc.


The Story of First Lutheran Canton, Ohio 1810-1960: One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary.


Tome, Philip. (2015). Pioneer Life, or Thirty Years a Hunter. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.


Cartmell, T. K. comp. (1963) Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants: A History of Frederick County, Virginia. Baltimore: Clearfield.

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What’s New: February 2016 Edition

Thank You for stopping by SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. Here’s what new to the Genealogy collection at the library.




  • Picard, Marc. “Dictionary of Americanized French-Canadian Names: Onomastics and Genealogy.” Baltimore: Clearfield Pub. Co., 2013. Print.



United States

Maryland and Virginia

New York



Until Next Week: Happy Ancestor Hunting!



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What’s New November 2015 Edition

Thanks for stopping by this week SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays Blog post. It was a busy month last month with all the programs for Family History Month and we now that things have settled down a bit we are back to our regular posts. So without further adieu here are some new items to the Genealogy Department.


White, Jeanne Sauve. Guide to Quebec Catholic Parishes and Published Parish Marriage Records. Balitmore: Clearfield, 1993. Print

Larson, Denis R. Companions of Champlain: Founding Families of Quebec, 1608-1635. Baltimore: Clearfield, 2008. Print.


Banks, Charles Edward. Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620-1650. Baltimore: Clearfield 2002. Print

Punch, Terrance M. CM, FRSAI, FIGRS. North America’s Maritime Funnel: The Ships that Brought the Irish 1749-1852. Baltimore: Genealogical Publish Company, 2012. Print.

Punch, Terrence M., CM, FIGRS. Some Early Scots in Maritime Canada Vols I-III. Baltimore: Genealogical Publish Company, 2012. Print.


Greenham, John Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide 4th Edition. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., 2012. Print.

Mitchell, Brian. Basic Guide to Irish Records for Family History. Baltimore: Clearfield, 2008. Print

Mitchell, Brian, comp. A Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1990. Print.


Colletta, John Philip, Ph.D. Finding Italian Roots: The Complete Guide for Americans 2nd Edition. Balitmore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2003. Print.

Misc. Names

Dobson, David. The Scottish Surnames of colonial America. Baltimore: Clearfield, 2003. Print

United Kingdom

Dobson, David. Huguenot and Scots Links 1675-1775. Baltimore: Clearfield, 2005. Print

Until Next Time… Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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The Satute of Liberty Arrvies in New York City

Thank you for stopping by this weeks SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. Did you know that on the 18th of June 1885 Lady Liberty made her way from France to New York?  She now sets on a peddle stool on her own island in New York Harbor and it is here that she has become a symbol of freedom as well as the end of one journey and the beginning of another for many a weary traveler. To mark the anniversary of her arrival and the many that have passed by her we have created a display of resources available here at the library to learn more about her and the people.  Stop in at the Main Branch to check out the display or click the links below to learn more.

Here are some other resources about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island;

The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

Immigration Stories of Yesterday and Today by Scholastic

Resources at the Stark County District Library for the Statue of Liberty

Until next week. Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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