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What’s New October 2018 Edition

Thanks for stopping by this weeks SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday Blog. We have some new items to the collection that will help in your family research. Check them out below.


Gutherie, Jason G., prepared by. (2002). Measuring America The Decennial Censuses from 1790-2000. U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau: Washington.

How To…

Aulicino, Emily D. (2014). Genetic Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond. AuthorHouse LLC: Bloomington. Genetic Genealogy



Clifford, Karen, AG. (1998). Becoming An Accredited Genealogist. Ancestry: Salt Lake City. Accred

Hendrickson, Nancy. (2003). Finding Your Roots Online. Betterway: Cincinnati.





Morgan, George G. and Drew Smith. (2014). Advanced Genealogy Research and Techniques. McGraw Hill: New York.   *Also Available as a EbookAdvanced


Revolutionary War-

House, Charles J., comp. (1967). Names of Soldiers of the American Revolution (From Maine) Who Applied for State Bounty Under Resolves of March 17, 1835, March 24, 1836, and March 20, 1836, as Appears of Record in Land Office. Clearfield: Baltimore.



Rowlands, John & Shelia. (2013). The Surnames of Wales. Genealogical Publishing Co.: Baltimore.





Burke, James L and Donald E. Bensch. (1975). Mount Pleasant and The Early Quakers of Ohio. The Ohio History Society: Columbus.




Chater, Kathy.  (2003). How to Trace Your Family Tree in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Hermes House:London.

Family Tree


United States:

(1979). History Anniversary Album: A survey of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America and its parishes in the Untied States and Canada. Romanian Orthodox episcopate of America: Jackson.


Albrecht, Kirk. T. Challenge and opportunity: The Buckeye Council Story. Sipp-O-Lodge #377: Canton.


Audretsch, Robert W., Comp and Editor. (1976). The Salem, Ohio 1850 Women’s Rights Convention Proceedings. Salem Area Bicentennial Committee and the Salem Public Library: Salem.


Brown, Jeffrey D. and Raymond D. Fete. (1988).  Meyers Lake: A Second Look. Daring Books: Canton.

Khourey, Louise Nader, comp. (1991). Recollections of the Stark County Lebanese-American Club 1933-1991.

Miller, Evie Cunningham. (1988). Fifty-Forty The Canton Baptist Temple Story.

St. Louis Church: Centennial of the Dedication of the present Church 1876-1976. 





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What’s New January 2018 Edition

Happy New Year and welcome this this week SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays’ Blog. We have some new items that we have added to the collection to help in your researching your family history. Happy Ancestor Hunting!



German Census Records 1816-1917


Minert, Roger P. PH.D., A.G. (2016). German Census Records 1816-1916. The When, Where, and How of a Valuable Genealogical Resource. Family Roots Publishing Co., LLC: Orting.


United States:


Stark County

Eine Gute Gemeinschaft (For a Better Community) Zoar 1817-1967.

Richeimer, Mary Jane, comp., ed.  (2012). A Century of Education: One Hundred Years of the Massillon Public Schools. Basford Printing Co.,: Massillon.

Vogt, Margy. (2000). Massillon 175 Years of Progress Tempered with Tradition. Bates Printing:Massillon.

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What’s New November 2017

White Slave Children of Charles County, Maryland: The Search for Survivors.Thanks for stopping by this weeks SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday Blog. We have some new items to the collection that will help in your family research. Check them out below.


General Research How:

Martin, Charles Trice, B.A., F.S.A., comp. (2015). The Record Interpreter: A Collection of Abbreviations, Latin Words and Names Used In English Historical Manuscripts and Records. Steven and Sons Limited: London.


Evjen, John O. (1972). Scandinavian Immigrants in New York 1630-1674. Genealogical Publshing Co., Inc: Baltimore.

United States:


Phillips, Richard Hays, Ph.D. (2015). White Slave Children of Colonial Maryland and Virginia: Birth and Shipping Records. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc: Baltimore.

Wieschaus-Voss, Kathleen. (2014). The Legacy of Ferdinand A. Brader. Center for the Study of Art in Rural America: Canton.


Kruski, Jason. (2012). A Guide to Chicago and Midwestern Polish-American Genealogy. Clearfield: Baltimore.


Phillips, Richard Hayes, Ph.d. (2015). White Slave Children of Charles County, Maryland: The Search for Survivors. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc: Baltimore.


Leduc, Blake (Sr.) comp. (1996). Euclid Beach Park Yearbook. Duke Graphics: Eastlake.

Plain Township Historical Society, comps. (2017). Listening to the Past Vol. 1 from Farmland to Suburb. Plain Township Historical Society: Canton.

West Virginia

Blair, Todd and Karen Garvey, comps and eds. (2012). Hometown Memories…When We Got Electric…Tales from the Good Old Days in Northwest West Virginia a Treasury of 20th Century Memories. Hometown Memories Inc.: Claremont.



United Kindgom

Crispin M. Jackson and Leonce Macary. (1985). Falaise Roll Recording Prominent Companions of William Duke of Normandy at the Conquest of England. Genealogical Publish Co., Inc: Baltimore.

Family History:

Guiley/Snyder/Miller Families.



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What’s New July 2017 Edition

Thanks for stopping by this weeks SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday Blog. We have some new items to the collection that will help in your family research. Check them out below.

How To…

Greene, Bob and D. G. Fulford. (1993). To Our Children’s Children: Preserving Family Histories for Generations to Come. Doubleday: New York.

Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo. (2005). The Family Tree Guide to Finding Your Ellis Island Ancestors. Family Tree Books: Cincinnati.


Hercules Motors Corporation. (194-). Letters from Hercules men on Active Service v. 2 & 4. Hercules Motors Corporation: Canton.

United States:


(2006). Frederick County, Maryland: Your Life, Community, Presented by Your Paper The Frederick News-Post. Randal Family, LLC.

New York

(2012). The Burghers of new Amsterdam and The Freedmen of New York: Collections of the New-York Historical Society for the Year 1885. Clearfield: Baltimore.


Johannesen, Eric. (1971). Selected Landmark Architecture of Alliance, Ohio. Alliance Historical Society: Alliance.


Crozier, William Armstrong, ed. (1990). Spotsylvania County 1721-1800: Being Transcriptions, from the Original Files at the County Court House, of Wills, Deeds, Administrators’ and Guardians’ Bond, Marriage Licenses, and Lists of Revolutionary Pensioners. Genealogical Publishing Company: Baltimore.

McCartney, Martha W. (2014). Kingston Parish Register, Mathews, Gloucester and Middlesex Counties, Viriniga: Slave Holders, 1746-1827. Genealogical Publishing Company: Baltimore.



Grenham, John (2012). Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide. Fourth Ed. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: Baltimore.

Family History:

McLaughlin, Ellen Marr, Glen McLaughlin with William Highlander. (2016). Doll A Marr Family History.

Herbruck, Emil P. D.D. (1923). Early Years and Late Reflections. Central Publishing House: Cleveland.



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Area Genealogy Programs for June 2017

Welcome to the SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays Blog. This week we are looking at what is happening in the way of Genealogy Programs and items that may be of interest to the Genealogist around Stark County.


The Massillon Genealogy Society:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 @ The Massillon Public Library Auditorium 6:30pm


Stark County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society:

Saturday, June 10, 2017@ Stark County District Library 10:00am-12:00pm

Program: Finding Shakespeare by Richard Haldi


Alliance Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society:

Thursday, June 8 at 7 pm @ the Trinity Episcopal Church on South Union Avenue in Alliance, Ohio

Program:  Will Cooley of Walsh University will speak on the topic, “Your Ancestors, Immigrants or Refugees.”

Stark County District Library

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 @ Sandy Valley Branch

Where Is It Now? Learn how to use various land records from the past to find where your ancestors property is located today.


McKinley Libray and Museum:

Now-Sept 3, 2017 @ McKinley Museum

In the Keller-Gallery: Mom What’s That? “Many items that used to be commonplace are now quaint nods to the past.  You might remember them, but do your kids know what they are?  This exhibition will feature artifacts from the late 20th century, such as rotary phones, typewriters, VCRs, and lots more!”


Until next time. Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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More New Postcards Added to the Collection!

Thanks for stopping by this weeks SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday. We are excited to share the news that we recently acquired 9 new postcards to add to the collection. They have now been digitized and are available to view on our Flickr Page.


The new post cards include street views of some of the main roads in Canton, like this one of East Tuscarawas St.  It also includes images from Water Works Park, the McKinley Monument and St. Johns’ Parochial School.


To see the collection visit our Flickr Page until next time Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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New Postcards Added to the Collection


The Genealogy Department has recently acquired 16 old Postcards and have added them to the Postcard collection. It’s always exciting to see “new” items and Postcards are a great find for the historian and family historian alike. Not only do they show buildings and/or places that were/are important to an area, the information written on the back often tell their own story. The new postcards that we have include images of Canton Churches, Aultman Hospital, Timken Mercy Hospital, Meyers Lake, The Work House, Central Fire Station, and the Timken Vocational School. Visit our Genealogy Flickr Page to see them.



Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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What’s New January 2017

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for stopping by to check out the SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday Blog. Here is a list of some new items to our Genealogy collection to help discovery your story.



Dolan, Allison (2015). The Family Tree Historical Maps Book Europe: A Country-by-Country Atlas oF European History, 17990’s-1900’s. Family Tree Books: Cincinnati.

Family History:

Moore, George L. (1991). The Moore Family In America: Descendants of Shildes Moore of Wales From 1732 to 1891. Heritage:Bowie.

How To…

Baxter, Angus. (2015). In Search of Your German Roots: A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe. Fifth Edition. Genealogical Publishing Company: Baltimore.

Beidler, James M. (2016). Trace Your German Roots Online: A Complete Guide to German Genealogy Websites. Family Tree Books: Cincinnati.

Blinn, Linda. (2006). Making Family Journals: Projects and Ideas for Sharing and Recording Memories Together. Quarry Books: Gloucester.

MacEntee, Thomas. (2015). The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook.


Revolutionary War

Lowell, Edward. (2014). The Hessians and the Other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. Create Space Independent Publishing Platform.

United States:


Walker, Charles M. (1996). History of Athens County, Ohio And Incidentally of the Ohio Land Company and the First Settlement of the State at Marietta. Heritage:Bowie.

Mitchener, C. H., editor. (1975). Ohio Annals. Historic Events in the Tuscarawas and Muskingum Valleys, and in other portions of The State of Ohio. Gordon Printing: Strasburg.


Closson, Bob and Mary. comps. (1985). Butler County, Pennsylvania WillBook Index 1800-1900. Closson Press: Apollo.

Year Books:

Canton South High School 2015.

Glenwood Senior High School Dedication Program 1958.

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Genealogy Research @ SCDL: Death Records/Certificates

Welcome to this week’s SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. This week we continue our  journey about Genealogy Research @ SCDL. Each month we are taking a look at what specific records that are available within our collection to help you with your research. Today’s topic is Death Records

The Genealogy collection has the Death Records/ Certificates on microfilm for the state of Ohio. However, like the birth records there are a few exceptions, which we will talk about further down. The Death Records cover the years 1867-1908. While the Death Certificates cover the years 1909-present. Also like the Birth Records there was an attempt  made in 1856 to begin recording deaths. However, there was almost no compliance and very few still exist. With that in mind let’s look at what information can be found on these records and how to locate them.

Locating an Ohio Death Record (1867-1908) Death Certificates were recorded in large journals maintained by the county Probate Court where the individual died. They cover the years 1867-1908 . Below are three different locations that the early Birth Records can be found.

What Information is found on a Death Record (1867-1908)

  • The name of the individualStark County Death Record
  • Gender
  • Date of Death
  • Age at Death
  • Place of Death
  • Place of Birth
  • Occupation
  • Parents (Although asked, often times left blank)
  • Cause of Death
  • Residence

Locating an Ohio Death Certificate (1908-Present): The Ohio Department of Health became responsible for recording deaths after December 19, 1908. It is here that we see the name change to Death Certificates.

What Information is found a Death Certificate (1908-Present)

  • Name of Deceased

    Death Certificate of Joseph Riegler

    Death Certificate of Joseph Riegler

  • Date, Place, and Time of Death
  • Place of Birth
  • Parent’s Names, Occupations, Address
  • Place of burial
  • Cause of Death
  • Name of Physician

We hope that this information is helpful in your researching. Next month we will take a look at finding Marriage Records. Until then. Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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