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New Postcards of Canton Added

Hello, and thanks for stopping by the SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays blog. We wanted to share the exciting news that we have recently added new postcards to our collection and to our Flickr page like this Pennsylvania Rail Road Station card below. 36927355273_46eb71fbb5_z

To See more of the digital collection please visit our flickr page found at the following link


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More New Postcards Added to the Collection!

Thanks for stopping by this weeks SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday. We are excited to share the news that we recently acquired 9 new postcards to add to the collection. They have now been digitized and are available to view on our Flickr Page.


The new post cards include street views of some of the main roads in Canton, like this one of East Tuscarawas St.  It also includes images from Water Works Park, the McKinley Monument and St. Johns’ Parochial School.


To see the collection visit our Flickr Page until next time Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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Out of the Box: Central Fire Station No.1


Postcard of Central Fire Station No. 1 in Canton, Ohio. This is most likely the station that was added onto and redesigned in 1908. *Postmark on the back is dated 1914.



The Central Fire Station No. 1  was built in 1882 and was located on the NW corner of 3rd St. and Court SW, in the same block as the City Hall in downtown Canton. The station was equipped with a bell that would trip the stalls where the horses were ready for duty. Over the years some remodeling took place of the original 1882 building, however it remained at the same location until sometime between 1957-1959. It was then torn down to make room for the new City Hall that was dedicated in 1960. Currently the No.1 Fire station is located at 110 7th St. SW. in Canton.



1914 Sanborn Map showing the details of the Central Fire Station No. 1 on Third St. and Court Ave SW



For more information about the history of the Canton Fire Department see:


Canton Fire Department-History

IAFF Local 249-Canton, Ohio


At the Library:

Canton Fire Department 1822-1997 by John Cespedes and Scott D. Walton

The Stark County Story by Edward Thornton Heald

Canton City Directory

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

Canton Fire Department News Clipping File

Canton Sesquicentennial

Genealogy News: New Map of Canton in Genealogy




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New Postcards Added to the Collection


The Genealogy Department has recently acquired 16 old Postcards and have added them to the Postcard collection. It’s always exciting to see “new” items and Postcards are a great find for the historian and family historian alike. Not only do they show buildings and/or places that were/are important to an area, the information written on the back often tell their own story. The new postcards that we have include images of Canton Churches, Aultman Hospital, Timken Mercy Hospital, Meyers Lake, The Work House, Central Fire Station, and the Timken Vocational School. Visit our Genealogy Flickr Page to see them.



Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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New Flickr Page for Stark County Genealogy!

Welcome to this week’s SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays Blog. Exciting things are happening here in the Genealogy Department at SCDL. Last week we officially started  the Stark County District Library Genealogy Flickr Photo Gallery! Currently we have 100 photographs uploaded and  we are busily scanning away to add more in the near future.

If you get a chance we would love for you to check it out and share with others. You can find it by clicking the link above or visiting our Genealogy Link’s page on our website.


Until next week, Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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Out of the Box: Brewster Jr. and Sr. High Class 1933

Brewster Sr. and Jr. High 1933

Brewster Sr. and Jr. High 1933

Thank for stopping by this weeks SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. This week we are featuring another of our Out of the Box Photos. The photo shown here is of Brewster Sr. and Jr. High in 1933. While it is a very nice photograph, we would love to know who is in. Did you have family that attended? Please share this post and comment if you can identify anyone is this picture. *to view a larger size simply click on the image.

Until next week…Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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Remembering the Avalon



Today on the SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday Blog, we are taking a trip down Memory Lane. Enjoy!

Many long time Canton residents will remember the Avalon Restaurant at 3232 Cleveland Ave. NW and its sister establishment the Avalon Drive In on the corner of West Tuscarawas St. and Dueber Ave.  Both were popular hangouts for Canton’s youth.  Clubs and other organizations would hold their meetings at the Cleveland Ave. location, and many wedding parties had their receptions there.  The Cleveland Ave. Avalon first appears in the Canton City Directories in 1938. On January 9, 1938, an advertisement in the Repository tempted diners with the week’s special of a hamburger, fries, coffee and a sundae for $.25. The second location, on West Tusc. opened in May of 1940.  It cost $15,000 to build, including all the equipment, and was open 24 hours a day.  Sadly both stores are gone now, but the memories remain.  We would like to hear them.  Please share you memories of the Avalon Restaurants in the comments below. 

Canton Repository 22 May 1940. Pg. 19

Canton Repository 22 May 1940. Pg. 10

Canton Repository  22 May 1940 Pg. 19

Canton Repository
22 May 1940
Pg. 19



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Out of the Box: Jean Trout

Eugenia Trout

Eugenia Trout

Welcome to this week’s SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday Blog post. Periodically we would like to feature an Out of the Box blog post. In these posts we will be featuring a photograph from various photographs that have been donated to the Genealogy Department over the years. Like many others, we have some photos that have been identified and many that have not. So here we go. The photograph you see here is known as a Carte-de-Viste and was donated to the department a number of years ago. The only information that was with the photo was written in pencil upon the back “Jean Trout”. After some research about the photograph itself, noting the clothing Jean was wearing, a guess on her age and the fact that Carte-de-Viste were popular around the 1860’s-1870’s. The photograph was labeled as Jean Trout ca. 1868. It wasn’t until recently that more information about Jean came to light. So without further adieu I would like to introduce you to Miss Jean Trout.

Eugenia I. Trout was born 3 March, 1868 in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio. She was one of 11 children born to Joseph F. Trout and Caroline Elizabeth Meyer. The family lived at 409 North Cleveland Ave in Canton. At the age of 17 Eugenia (or Jean as she was known by) met and married Mr. Edward O. Miller, son of Solomon S. Miller. According to an article from the Canton Repository dated August 20, 1885. the couple “…were united in marriage by Rev. T. P. Thorp at the Cathedral in Cleveland at 11 o’clock this morning. The wedding is a pleasant surprise to the friends of the young couple, most of them having been kept in ignorance of the affair until today.” Eugenia and Edward had one daughter together also named Jean. Sometime before 1907 Eugenia marries again to a William Howard McCorkle. Jean and William lived in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. She remained there until her death on 13 October 1948. Jean is buried in the Lexington Cemetery there.

Until next week. Happy Ancestor Hunting!

Sources: All the sources listed below are available for FREE at the library.

Ancestry Library Edition

Canton Repository Newspaper

Stark County, Ohio Death Records

Stark County, Ohio Estate Files

Stark County, Ohio Marriage Records

U.S. Federal Census Records between the years of 1870-1940

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Genealogy Research@SCDL: Obituaries

Welcome to this week’s SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. This week we continue our  journey about Genealogy Research @ SCDL. Each month we are taking a look at the specific records that are available within our collection to help you with your research. Today we will look at obituaries.

What Information is Found in an Obituary


Earlier obituaries contained less information than the ones we typically see today.  An obituary from the early 1800s may only note an individual’s name and date of death. Deaths_1854-03-08_pg3_col2

Over time, obituaries have become more detailed.  In addition to including the individual’s name and date of death, they may also include:

  • Date/Place of BirthDeath_1912-12-13_pg15
  • Names of Parents
  • Names of Siblings
  • Marriage Date
  • Name of Spouse
  • Name of Children
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Residence at time of Death
  • Cause of Death
  • Date of Funeral
  • Name of Funeral Home
  • Name of Cemetery

Occasionally, obituaries may include a picture of the deceased.

Locating Obituaries

The SCDL Genealogy Department has indexed the obituaries that have appeared in The Canton Repository from 1815 to present. Many of the indexes are available on our Stark County Online Index Files page here, but all years are available as hardcopies in the Genealogy Department.  After finding an entry in the index, you can look up the obituary in our microfilmed copies of The Canton Repository.  We have every year of the paper since it began in 1815.

If you can’t make it to the library, don’t worry!  You can request a copy of a Canton Repository obituary be sent to you either by email or US mail. Just complete the request form here.

So, what if you are looking for an obituary from another Stark County newspaper?

  • Our Genealogy Links for Local Sources page links you to many other area newspaper indexes including the Alliance Review, the Louisville Herald, the Massillon Independent and more.  The SCDL Genealogy Department does not have these papers in our holdings, but the indexes can at least point you to other libraries to contact.
  • Ancestry Library Edition includes several obituary collections for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and other locations.
  • Many individuals add obituaries to
  • You can search collections of historical newspapers, like Chronicling America.
  • Try
  • Or, read the FamilySearch wiki post for even more suggestions!

Author: Lauren Kuntzman

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Genealogy Research at SCDL: Marriage Records

Welcome to SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. This week we are continuing on with our series of Genealogy Research at SCDL and looking at Marriage Records. The Genealogy Collection has the Marriage Records for Stark County covering the years 1809 (when they began) through 2007. These records are indexed and are available on microfilm and are a free resource to anyone who would like to view them.  Locating the Marriage Record: There are two ways to search for a Marriage Record 1. The Stark County Probate Court

  • Has an online database of Marriages covering the years 1986-present. Prior to 1986 the index is incomplete, however they are working on getting the older marriages added as they have time do so.
  • To search the database visit and choose “Case Search”. When the search screen appears enter the bride or groom’s name in the boxes provided and then click search.  Below is a partial list using the name Margaret Jones in the search boxes. Marriages are identified by “MA2” or “MA1”. The number following the case type is the case number. This is the number that is needed to find the original record on microfilm. The first number is the volume and the second number (after the dash) is the page number.

2. Index to Marriages on Microfilm

  • The Genealogy Collection has a set of microfilm that are an index to the marriages covering the years 1809-1972. These films can be searched by either bride or groom.Marriage Records Index
  • To search the film there is some basic information you will need; First and last name of either bride or groom and an approximate year they were married. Once the names are located in the index it will give the marriage date, the name of the couple, the volume and page number of the marriage record.

Now that You Have Located the Record What Does It Tell You? 1.Marriage Records 1809-ca. 1880’s

  • They are simple journal entries and list the name of the couple being married, date of marriage and who married them.
  • Marriage license from this time frame do not exists

2. Marriage Records Earlier than 1899Marriage Record Vol 15. Pg. 22 1894

  • Look more like a certificate
  • List the bride and grooms name, date of marriage and whom married them. Sometimes a relative may go take out the license.

3. Marriages Records1899-PresentMarriage Record Vol. 134 Pg 42 1987

  • Marriage Application with bride, groom, parents names, marriage date, who married them, parents names, previous marriages. Later records  also lists any children that were born from a previous marriage.

4. Requesting a Copy of a Stark County Marriage Record

Stark County Marriage Records can between 1809-2007 can be requested by using the Genealogy Online Request Form. After 2007 to request a record you will need to contact the Stark County Probate Courts Office.

That is all for a research guide for this week. Next month will we take a look at  Obituaries. Until then Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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