Catholic Parish Register Now Online!

Thanks for stopping by this week’s SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays Blog. The third Tuesday of the month we like to bring you information about online resources for researching Genealogy and this week we have some exciting news. In case you haven’t heard, on July 8th the Catholic Parish Registers of Ireland were released to the public. The registers contain marriages and baptisms from the majority of the Catholic Parish in Ireland through the years 1880. For those researching their Irish Ancestry this is very exciting news, with the lack of Irish Census Records before 1901 these registers are the main source for finding information. So how does one begin searching these records? The following is a guide to help begin the search.

1. Visit the National Library of Ireland’s website (The link will take you directly to the registers)

2. Enter the Parish name (if known), if you do not know the parish name, but know where the family was from. Click on the “Search the Map”

a. Click Show the Counties in the upper left hand corner. This will display all the counties in Ireland.

b. Locate the county where the family lived and then click “Show the Diocese” this will change the map to show the Diocese that served that area.

3. Once you have the diocese return to the main search screen and enter the diocese name and click search. A list will be generated of Parish names from that diocese. Simply locate town/parish and click on the link.  In this example Antrim was used.

4. After locating the Parish in this case “Drumaul” click on the name and the next screen will be the images for the Parish registers. Below is a image of one of the pages. They are downloadable and Printable.

Microfilm 05474 / 11 | Page 5  Drumaul; County of Antrim; Diocese of Down and Connor. Baptisms, Nov. 1825 to Jan. 1826

Microfilm 05474 / 11 | Page 5
Drumaul; County of Antrim; Diocese of Down and Connor. Baptisms, Nov. 1825 to Jan. 1826

Until next week, Happy Ancestor Hunting!


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