Out of the Box: Jean Trout

Eugenia Trout

Eugenia Trout

Welcome to this week’s SCDL Tree Talk Tuesday Blog post. Periodically we would like to feature an Out of the Box blog post. In these posts we will be featuring a photograph from various photographs that have been donated to the Genealogy Department over the years. Like many others, we have some photos that have been identified and many that have not. So here we go. The photograph you see here is known as a Carte-de-Viste and was donated to the department a number of years ago. The only information that was with the photo was written in pencil upon the back “Jean Trout”. After some research about the photograph itself, noting the clothing Jean was wearing, a guess on her age and the fact that Carte-de-Viste were popular around the 1860’s-1870’s. The photograph was labeled as Jean Trout ca. 1868. It wasn’t until recently that more information about Jean came to light. So without further adieu I would like to introduce you to Miss Jean Trout.

Eugenia I. Trout was born 3 March, 1868 in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio. She was one of 11 children born to Joseph F. Trout and Caroline Elizabeth Meyer. The family lived at 409 North Cleveland Ave in Canton. At the age of 17 Eugenia (or Jean as she was known by) met and married Mr. Edward O. Miller, son of Solomon S. Miller. According to an article from the Canton Repository dated August 20, 1885. the couple “…were united in marriage by Rev. T. P. Thorp at the Cathedral in Cleveland at 11 o’clock this morning. The wedding is a pleasant surprise to the friends of the young couple, most of them having been kept in ignorance of the affair until today.” Eugenia and Edward had one daughter together also named Jean. Sometime before 1907 Eugenia marries again to a William Howard McCorkle. Jean and William lived in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. She remained there until her death on 13 October 1948. Jean is buried in the Lexington Cemetery there.

Until next week. Happy Ancestor Hunting!

Sources: All the sources listed below are available for FREE at the library.

Ancestry Library Edition

Canton Repository Newspaper

Stark County, Ohio Death Records

Stark County, Ohio Estate Files

Stark County, Ohio Marriage Records

U.S. Federal Census Records between the years of 1870-1940


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