Genealogy Research at SCDL: Marriage Records

Welcome to SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. This week we are continuing on with our series of Genealogy Research at SCDL and looking at Marriage Records. The Genealogy Collection has the Marriage Records for Stark County covering the years 1809 (when they began) through 2007. These records are indexed and are available on microfilm and are a free resource to anyone who would like to view them.  Locating the Marriage Record: There are two ways to search for a Marriage Record 1. The Stark County Probate Court

  • Has an online database of Marriages covering the years 1986-present. Prior to 1986 the index is incomplete, however they are working on getting the older marriages added as they have time do so.
  • To search the database visit and choose “Case Search”. When the search screen appears enter the bride or groom’s name in the boxes provided and then click search.  Below is a partial list using the name Margaret Jones in the search boxes. Marriages are identified by “MA2” or “MA1”. The number following the case type is the case number. This is the number that is needed to find the original record on microfilm. The first number is the volume and the second number (after the dash) is the page number.

2. Index to Marriages on Microfilm

  • The Genealogy Collection has a set of microfilm that are an index to the marriages covering the years 1809-1972. These films can be searched by either bride or groom.Marriage Records Index
  • To search the film there is some basic information you will need; First and last name of either bride or groom and an approximate year they were married. Once the names are located in the index it will give the marriage date, the name of the couple, the volume and page number of the marriage record.

Now that You Have Located the Record What Does It Tell You? 1.Marriage Records 1809-ca. 1880’s

  • They are simple journal entries and list the name of the couple being married, date of marriage and who married them.
  • Marriage license from this time frame do not exists

2. Marriage Records Earlier than 1899Marriage Record Vol 15. Pg. 22 1894

  • Look more like a certificate
  • List the bride and grooms name, date of marriage and whom married them. Sometimes a relative may go take out the license.

3. Marriages Records1899-PresentMarriage Record Vol. 134 Pg 42 1987

  • Marriage Application with bride, groom, parents names, marriage date, who married them, parents names, previous marriages. Later records  also lists any children that were born from a previous marriage.

4. Requesting a Copy of a Stark County Marriage Record

Stark County Marriage Records can between 1809-2007 can be requested by using the Genealogy Online Request Form. After 2007 to request a record you will need to contact the Stark County Probate Courts Office.

That is all for a research guide for this week. Next month will we take a look at  Obituaries. Until then Happy Ancestor Hunting!


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