Genealogy Research @ SCDL: Death Records/Certificates

Welcome to this week’s SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. This week we continue our  journey about Genealogy Research @ SCDL. Each month we are taking a look at what specific records that are available within our collection to help you with your research. Today’s topic is Death Records

The Genealogy collection has the Death Records/ Certificates on microfilm for the state of Ohio. However, like the birth records there are a few exceptions, which we will talk about further down. The Death Records cover the years 1867-1908. While the Death Certificates cover the years 1909-present. Also like the Birth Records there was an attempt  made in 1856 to begin recording deaths. However, there was almost no compliance and very few still exist. With that in mind let’s look at what information can be found on these records and how to locate them.

Locating an Ohio Death Record (1867-1908) Death Certificates were recorded in large journals maintained by the county Probate Court where the individual died. They cover the years 1867-1908 . Below are three different locations that the early Birth Records can be found.

What Information is found on a Death Record (1867-1908)

  • The name of the individualStark County Death Record
  • Gender
  • Date of Death
  • Age at Death
  • Place of Death
  • Place of Birth
  • Occupation
  • Parents (Although asked, often times left blank)
  • Cause of Death
  • Residence

Locating an Ohio Death Certificate (1908-Present): The Ohio Department of Health became responsible for recording deaths after December 19, 1908. It is here that we see the name change to Death Certificates.

What Information is found a Death Certificate (1908-Present)

  • Name of Deceased

    Death Certificate of Joseph Riegler

    Death Certificate of Joseph Riegler

  • Date, Place, and Time of Death
  • Place of Birth
  • Parent’s Names, Occupations, Address
  • Place of burial
  • Cause of Death
  • Name of Physician

We hope that this information is helpful in your researching. Next month we will take a look at finding Marriage Records. Until then. Happy Ancestor Hunting!


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