The Family Tree Historical Maps Books Review

THe Family Tree Historical Maps Book Welcome to this week’s SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays Blog Post. Today we are looking at The Family Tree Historical Maps Book : A State by State Atlas of U.S. History, 1790-1900 by Allison Dolan.

Many of the records that we as genealogist use (Census, City Directories and Deed Records for example) eventually lead us to needing a map. With maps we are able to put a physical location to where are ancestors lived. They can also help to solve mysteries of where to find that elusive ancestors records due to boarder changes, forming of new counties and states. So whether you are new to maps or have been using them for years sooner or later you’ll need one and  Allison Dolan and the editors of Family Tree Magazine have put together a beautiful book of historical maps.

The book begins with a 1755 map of the United States at the time of the French and Indian War  and continues on with various U.S. Maps during key times in U.S. History.  The next section covers all 50 U.S. States. Giving key dates, birds eye view of major cities and various maps throughout the history of each state. The last section of the book consists of Special Interest Maps including; population density in 1820, Foreign Population in 1880, Average Family Size in 1900, Indians Tribes in North America c. 1600 and many more.

Although some of the maps are small, they are all full color and easily understood. This book is a great resource for an overview of the United States when you are tracing your family through census. Especially during key periods when people were on the move. To check the availability or to put this book on hold click on the title of the book at the beginning of this post. Until next week…

Happy Ancestor Hunting!


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