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Welcome to this weeks SCDL’s Tree Talk Tuesdays Blog Post. This week we are looking at an exciting feature at Did you know that Familysearch has a Learning Center on their website where you can view Genealogy Courses that will help with tracing the family tree? They do and its FREE!

From beginning genealogy to researching overseas familysearch has a course for you. To get started go to  Once the page has loaded there are couple of options for searching for courses. On the right side of the screen you will see a series of featured classes. You can choose any that looks interesting to you.

Another option is in the purple box on the left side of the screen titled ” What course are you looking for?” Below the titled you can choose a specific county, skill level, format, subject or subject language.

The third option for choosing a course is to simply type in what you are looking for. In the box provided at the top of the screen, type in what you are looking for (I choose Scotland) and then click search. The next screen you will see looks like the image below. The search narrowed down two 4 results for Scotland ( only two will show in the screen shot below.) From this screen I choose

After clicking on the blue link next to the image for the course. The course page will open (shown below). On the course page you will find the video of the course as well as course supplements (handouts, feedback ect.). The handouts are a PDF that you can print out and take notes on while watching the video.

 I hope you this to be helpful in your research. Until next week Happy Hunting!


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