Unlocking the Secrets of the Cemetery Program

Thanks for stopping by this week’s SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays Blog. We have an exciting upcoming program here at the Main Library called “Unlocking the Secrets of the Cemetery.” The program will be held on August 21, 2013 from 2-3:30pm. See below for information about the program and how to register for it.

    Kim Kenney, Curator at the McKinley Presidental Library and Museum, will be giving the presentation. She has a passion for cemeteries and the following is her descritpion of the program. “Cemeteries have a special language of their own, spoken through the symbols carved on tombstones. Using photos from cemeteries across the country, this program explains the orginials of the “rural cemetery movement” in the mid-19th Century” 

    Kim was recently awarded the Oakley Certificate of merit from the Association of Gravestone Studies for her interpretive projects at West Lawn Cemetery.


For more information and to register for the program use the following links:

Speaker: Kim Kenney
Program Registration: Unlocking the Secrets of the Cemetery


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