Genealogy Gets New Equipment

Welcome to this weeks Tree Talk Tuesday.  Exciting news from the Genealogy Department this week.  We recently recieved a  new digital microfilm scanner to our department.  It is a new for this year, hot off the assembly line.
With it we can scan things from any of our microforms collection to a digital image which can then be saved to a flash drive, emailed to patrons, added to web pages, etc.  
 I hear some of you asking, “Couldn’t you do that already?”  Well yes, we could.  This machine makes it a lot easier and gives us much better editing capabilities. 
And the truly best part about all this is that the old machine we were using for this purpose has been moved to the microfilm reading room for patrons to use.  Now they can copy their own digital images to a flash drive instead of having to make hard copies, take them home, and scan them into their computer.


So tell your friends, tell your neighbors, but most espcially start sending in your record requests or  stop by and see it in action.
Have a great week!

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