June is the Month for Weddings!

Welcome to this weeks Tree Talk Tuesday. So glad you stopped by. This week we put up a display in the department on Marriage, since the month of June is popular for weddings. So to coincide with that the topic for this weeks post is….Marriage Records!

   Marriage Records can be a great source for finding more information about your family. Where do you find these records? There are two type of records that one may find when reaserching marraiges. A Civil Record or a Church record. The civil record of marriage will be recorded with a govermental office such as the probate court, clerk of courts etc. The church record will be housed with the church or minister that handled the marriage.

   For Stark County the marriage records begin when the Probate Court was form in 1809. Pre 1900 records only list the couple who were married and who married them. After 1900 you will find a bit more information on the record. This may include who took out the license and sometimes a relative could be mentioned if the person is a minor. After 1910 the marriage records look more like they do currently. They give the name of the bride and groom, where they were born, how old their are, their residence at the time of the license being taken out, their parents names, if they have been divorce and if so minor children are listed.

In todays world the question that often arrises, can I find these records online? Yes and No. One place you can check for marriage is Familysearch.org   They have filmed some Ohio County Marriage Record books and indexed them on their website. The website is free to use and you can print the record you find.

I hope this information was helpful until next week!


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