Stark County’s Estate Files

Thanks for returning to check out this week’s post on Tree Talk Tuesdays.  Did you know  that the first offical Estate Record was filed on April 2, 1810 and didn’t close until May 24, 1827?   It’s true. It was the estate of Jacob Loutzenhesier and we have it here at the library.

   The Genealogy Department at the Stark County District Library houses the Stark County Probate Court Estate Packets  from 1810-ca. 1920.  We also have them on microfilm from 1810-ca. 2007. Estate files can be a wealth of knowledge not only for researching family relationships, but also for tracing property both personal and real estate.

 If you had a ancestor who died in Stark County between 1810-2007 and would like to search or have a search done of these records you can simply visit the Genealogy Department or use our online request forms found at the following link.

(The index to these records can be found at the Stark County Probate Court Website

Until next week…Happy Researching!


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