St. Joseph Catholic School of Canton

In this week Tree Talk Tuesday, we are focusing on St. Joseph Catholic School of Canton. The parish of St. Joseph is located at 2427 Tuscarawas St. W.  It was organized on June 15, 1902 and it’s first mass was held at Benksin’ Hall on the corner of West Tuscarawas Street and Harrison Ave. In August of that same year ground was broken for a combination school and church building. The present building was completed a year later.

The school and parish continued to thrive and reached it’s highest enrollment of students (nearly 1,000) in the 1960’s. The Genealogy Department recently was given three photopraphs of elementary students from St. Joseph School. Some of the photographs have names associated with them others don’t. If you are able to help identify any of these individuals we would love to hear from you.

 1. 1st Grade Room  St. Joseph School Canton 1948-1949

The following are names listed on the back of the photo:
Top Row: Timmy Florea, Michael Reese, Thomas Harbert, Wm. Gill, Wm. Guht, John Harman, Danny Rosilitte, Jerry Lee Francis, Edward Grant, Victor Bizalli
2nd Row: Wm. Massey, Butch Helman, Bily Griggy, David Goebel, Thomas Slater, Edward McGraw, Robert Stropky
3rd Row: David Beard, Dudley Taylor, James Culp, Madeline Schrock, Mary Rees, Ruth Warth, Suzanne B., Carol Burns, Nancy Woodring, Kathleen Hossler
4th Row: Gary Grum, Judy Burngeon, Karen Stroup, Carol Bowen, Mary Welch, Linda Schwartz, Carolyn Duer, Jonel Kobach, Mary Froze, BarbaraSoehnlen, Geo. Spangler, Carl Marsaray, Patricia stoll, Susan Karreabauer, Carol Decator, Jerry Patrick O’Connor.

2. 2nd Grade Room 1 St. Joseph School (circa. 1948-1949)

3. St. Joseph School Children (Date Unknown)

The back of the photo says “Ruth Krause”

4. St. Joseph School Children (Date Unknown)

The following names are listed on the back of the photo:

Bradford Helman, Richard Broebstle, Mike Reese, Sally Hankins, Terry James Borello, Patricia Smalley, Donna McVehil, Theresa Grisez, Rosemary Yohn, Donna Hecht.


Heald, Edward Thornton. comp. The Stark County StoryVolume 4 Part 2. Stark County Historical Society, Canton: Ohio, 1949.

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